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A new programming language

Gravity is a small and high performance new programming language with a modern syntax. Think Swift, Javascript and Smalltalk combined into a tiny virtual machine that can efficiently run on any operating system.

Nowadays there a lot of new programming languages but no one was able to completely satisfy our needs. We wanted a modern syntax, we wanted a class based language that gives you the ability to efficiently use object oriented programming, we wanted a language that can act as a prototype language with functional programming paradigms.

We wanted all into a tiny and high efficiently package!

class Vector {
	// instance variables
	var x = 0;
	var y = 0;
	var z = 0;

	// constructor
	func init (a = 0, b = 0, c = 0) {
		x = a; y = b; z = c;

	// built-in operator overriding
	func + (v) {
		return Vector(x+v.x, y+v.y, z+v.z);

	// string interpolation support
	func toString() {
		return "[\(x),\(y),\(z)]";
What Gravity looks like

Gravity Open Source

Gravity has no dependencies and the VM implementation is under 4000 lines of high performance C99 code. Once compiled it just adds a 30KB of overhead to your app but it enables you to abstract the underlying native operating system layer over a truly multi-platform and OS independant programming language.

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MacOS 10.11 or higher is required.